....unsuitable for ubiquitous consumption.

Niloca is eyewear for the serious eyewear fashionistas, who paves a path to the highest peak and shouts from it's summit -


Confident, Cheeky and Reassured - never brash, vulgar or uncouth. 

 Born from a passion for details and a flare for style, Niloca Eyewear is for those who confidently dare and never follow convention.

Designed in Melbourne Australia, from the small inner city bay side village, Albert Park, each design tells a story that will resonate with the wearer. An orgy of colours compliment a mind bending array of patterns, finishes and materials for those who need a cookie trail to exit their walk-in wardrobe. Be lost no more! See the light! And taste the clear air - if you dare.

Made in Australia, France and Japan, our frames carry a strong European design heritage, with an emphasis on skilled craftsmanship. Without the knowledge and passion of the artisans creating Niloca eyewear, many of the intricate designs wouldn't have seen the light of day. The Australian Niloca Eyewear workshop is one of the oldest continuously owned and operated workshops in the world. Founded in 1963 the workshop is still run by the original owner today, preserving an important part of Australian manufacturing history. Our French workshop is nestled in the Rhone foot hills, the home of fine French eyewear - Oyonnax. While our Japanese titanium factory is currently run by the Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson of the original founder!!

Niloca designs are based on strong Industrial Design principals fused with an Optician's clout for frame fitting and colour selection. Over 15 years experience is put into every frame design, with some frames taking 4 years to reach production.

We know what serious eyewear people need. 

NILOCA PILE-8503.jpg

Think quirky, clever, colourful and exclusive

NILOCA frames are available in six styles:

1. Art Deco - classically inspired pieces for bold jaunts around town.
2. Covert - perfect for preserving precious privacy in a world of online sharing.
3. Bigglesworth - a steampunk future-retro parallel dimension. A new model every year.
4. The Runway – a sports frame about to take off.
5. Baroque – classically styled for a bygone era, using traditional materials and methods.
6. Scratch Core - release at Silmo 2013, an edgy bold acetate collection for tomorrow. 



"These are not frames for the timid or conservative.  

This is eyewear for confident persuaders."




NILOCA was founded by Colin Redmond, an international award-winning industrial designer with a fierce passion for creating pieces that refuse to conform and cannot be pigeon-holed. Colin designed for Audi in the heady days of the late 1990s, culminating in a Red Dot award received as part of the iconic TT-model design team.

Colin returned to Australia in the early 2000ʼs to spearhead a leading R&D company before turning his attention towards high design eyewear in 2007.


After 3 years of research, designing and refining ideas, Niloca was officially released in 2011 with a commitment to production within Australia.  Niloca aims to make long lasting eyewear out lives the passing whims of fashion.



Niloca has a heart or rather 4, being a family operation - quite often based at the kitchen table.  There are no aspirations to appease hipsters or mass market saturation, just the supply of interesting eyewear to select independent optical purveyors for the delight of eyewear individualists everywhere.