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1st March 2013

Contact : Josie Chisholm                                                                                                              
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Niloca is a story about an idea, which nearly didn’t make it. The long incubation of Niloca threatened the ideology to keep frame manufacture in Australia, as the cheap labour markets were starting to look attractive. Just as patience was wearing thin, an email arrived. It was Australia’s and nearly the world’s, longest running privately owned eyewear factory. They were interested in Niloca’s designs and were prepared to make smaller limited runs from archived Italian and French acetates.

Compared to new acetates, properly archived acetate will stabilise over time, becoming a more natural fit with a stronger frame. This finite method of crafting resinates with only those that respect eyewear. Projecting quality this way offers a dialogue between the wearer and frame over a longer period of time, meaning a timeless style is essential.

Over time Niloca has expanded it’s range to include Titanium from Japan and Australian Water Buffalo Horn. Future models will be sourced from ateliers in Japan and France. But all models will be designed at the head office in the bayside Melbourne city village of Albert Park, in Australia. This area has the world’s highest concentration of Victorian Terrace buildings, with a back drop of glass and concrete skyscrapers. Perfect for inspiration and reflection.

Niloca’s collection spans Titanium, Stainless Steel, Buffalo Horn and Ceramic. Always on the edge of design and at the start of fashion.

Niloca was founded by Colin Redmond, an Industrial Designer who designed cars with Audi in the late 90’s, in Germany. He then went onto run a Research and Design company before starting Australia’s first 3D Plastic Printing Manufacturer and more recently becoming a qualified Optician. His understanding of forms and branding is complemented with a strong technical understanding of materials and processes.

Niloca believes in the only brand that matters – YOU.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Colin Redmond, please call Josie Chisholm on +61 3 9077 9883, skype on ColRedDesign or via email