The theme for this year's Silmo was, family, after-all, where would we be without family? Those loved ones keep us grounded, they support us and love us unconditionally. With this in mind I created the Australian Summer Family Picnic – or BBQ for short, set by the beach, with the ever present seas gulls, esky for cricket stumps and an electrical tape covered tennis ball as a cricket ball.

We packed our bags, nappies and eyewear samples and boarded the big bird for Paris, Silmo. To ensure family sanity, we decided the best option for expending pent up children’s energy would be to break up the flight every 8hrs. TRAVEL TIP: Airport security staff love 3.5yos and an 18mth old running up and down their halls!!

Needless to say the kids loved Paris and were excited to see the pictures only previously seen in books now existed in real life. Ludwig Bemelmans's Madeline series proved to be the perfect guide!!

The Silmo show was another box of surprises with our stand not being available as selected months earlier. I made a scramble to the local ‘Bunnings’ to survey what was on offer. Fortunately the end of Summer Sale was on and I created a fantastic outdoor Australian theme using green carpet grass, a picnic table and pig in terrarium. YES – pig in a terrarium, on every center-piece of an Australian BBQ....