SILMO MONTH - there is no September!!

WOW - what a month of riding the roller coast highs and lows - capped off with a great show in Silmo, resulting in nearly 20 stores world wide. 

The month started off ominously with our French materials supplier, the one that makes custom acetate for us, telling us their new factory wouldn't be ready in time and therefore we won't be receiving our special custom acetates for the show... GREAT. However, they did eventually get something, just not the full collection. 

Niloca stand construction the day before.

Silmo was the launch of a new collection, code named - The J-Collection. A small acetate range with random scratched lines, the theme of which was carried through from the the first invitation right through to the construction of the booth. See the pics below. There are 4 optical pieces and one sunglass in the Scratch Core Collection - Jolk, Jofey, Jonie, Jawd and Joos. The later not really making it to the show, the asymmetric detail being too much to handle for the new French frame makers....

The Scratch Core Collection (code named J-Collection) released at Silmo. Closest to camera, Jolk, Jawd, Jonie and Jofey

Another range we officially launched was the Bigglesworth Collection. This is a titanium collection I've been working on for the past 4 years. And finally we have a supplier in Japan that can make the parts and a coating factory in France that can delivery amazing colours that won't flake off at the beach during Summer. And just prior to leaving we had a new addition to the Bigglesworth Collection, a larger piece that I was able to anodise, with an electronic engineer friend's help, just 24hrs before leaving... 

Latest Anodised Bigglesworth released at Silmo. A frame will be released annually to complete this collection in 2020.

I'll endeavour to get more photos up on the website soon. Sadly our local AMAZING photographer has relocated to sunny London.... so you'll have to suffice with my happy snaps for now. 

Our stand at Silmo, carrying the Scratched Core theme from the glasses, invitations to the booth design. 

As for a Silmo trends round up...
There were some amazing pieces on show, we're finally seeing a move away from Retro Tortoise/Black plastic frames - but the replacement for this 'fad' is still unclear. A few people are still pushing their 3D Laser Printed Nylon SLS frames - personally I find this pointless, as the finish, craftsmanship and fit are terrible. HOWEVER - there were some amazing 3D Laser Printed Titanium pieces by Patrick Hoet. My money is on the evolution metal frames with minimal detail, but great character.

What about WOODEN GLASSES I hear you say - hmm yes. Well as our frame fitter tells us, "why not make them out of cheese?". And he has a point. They're difficult to fit, they're difficult to adjust and not suitable for many people serious about eyewear. Herrlicht, Gold + Wood and Vuerich being the exception. The later guys making glasses from skateboards since 2010 - and now recycling their saw dust to make frames. Pretty clever, but I still don't like wooden glasses.


Essilor Australia have been amazing, it's great to be sponsored by such a illustrious brand.