Normally this time of year is a blend of chaotic control and systematic random results. Perfect coordination across 10 time zones and twice as many languages seamlessly combined into a 3x4sqm plot of turf in Paris for the price of a family car – VAT free of course… 

It’s where the world’s eyewear professionals descend at the end of September. We were excited to bring the family to Silmo and Silmo didn’t disappoint, spread over 4 days – but more like 7, once you take clients meetings, stand building into consideration. With each day starting at 6am and ending at 10pm – it’s ablaze of presentations, soirées and inspiring designs.

But we had to get there first.

Spring by name, not by nature. Leaving Melbourne this year was easy, as the normal flick of a light switch that is Spring, didn’t happen. The Sun didn't shine and temperature didn't rise. However the warm days of Paris beckoned and our little spring woodland children were coming for the ride – the whole 30hr transit from Melbourne to Paris!!

Silmo pics next month.