A small mention about us in Australia's very own Insight News Optom Magazine.


The unabating highs of Silmo continued as we returned back to Spring, in Australia - and as luck would have it we missed a wild storm. Only seeing the aftermath, with uprooted trees and temporary/uninvited skylights on many dwellings on the journey from the airport to Niloca HQ. In complete contrast to the previous 24 hours in Melbourne, we arrived in a post-coital like, relaxed warm glow, bathed in the morning sunrise sunshine flickering through our car windows. And thankfully after 30hrs of travel, this would be our last 'transit' as the pillowed stacked, crisp fitted king-size bed of home was only a matter of minutes away - even if we didn't rest our travel weary heads - it was a welcome sight, that confirmed we had infact returned HOME!! 

Georges Laoun's flagship store in Montreal

BUT, as they say in the classics, no rest for the wicked - and off we went filling orders for eager customers in exotic places. First cab of the rank was MONTREAL, une ville magnifique, rempli de belles personnes and Georges Laoun Opticien in Canada. 

The amazing team at Georges Laoun

Feverishly we toiled like cobbler's elves to compile the order for our first client in Canada. And we were pleasantly surprised to see the glasses had safely landed, a few days later, not only in Canada, but on the faces of beautiful people!!

A perfect way to start after a perfect Silmo.  

Bonne nuit les gens beaux