Hats Hats HATS.
On a previous trip to Milan I was given insight into a much larger independent eyewear house's design to production processes. The conversation started innocently enough, with a discussion about all the processes involved with getting an idea onto paper, into production, into an international tradeshow, photographed etc etc. Plus all the advertising, compliance and distribution logistics that go with it. During the conversation it was pointed out, that this ‘small design house’ has over 50 staff to do the jobs that I do mostly single handed in Niloca. FITY – I mapped it out as an office space and thought, which 'hat' would I wear? The answer was all of them, I need difference to maintain interest!!

And the beat goes on.

Languidly I hurtled across the vast red landscape of Australia's outback, to Sydney and Perth, covering over 6,000kms, yet less people than a 30min flight over Europe. That is how vast and arid Australia is and why I’m cocooned in a pressurised aluminium cylinder kilometers above terra-firma.

And as the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder, as it does for lovers of our eyewear with more accounts opening in Australia and abroad. The first account post-Silmo is in Perth, Officially the world's most isolated capital city.