What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

The twisty road TRAVELLED to create original eyewear for the confident individual is probably one of the toughest yet rewarding journeys I’ve ever been on. The voice of the brave is drowned out by the loud distractions of a fast paced procession of CHEAP bright lights of empty lust. The journey requires a keen eye to seek out the brave and calls on all manner of expertise to communicate ‘The Vision’.

The Vision that appears so clearly for the designer is often lost once exposed to the big bright lights of the ‘real world’. Like any good party, it needs an entourage of friends, music, drinks and venue to get it started and to keep the party going 'til dawn. So to exhibit the wares of Niloca Eyewear and to convey the radical original designs, it was decided some time ago to open a concept store in Melbourne. The costs to advertise internationally with models, make-up artists, editors, copy-writers, agencies and reps etc would eat into the creative design budget and would inevitably compromise our Original Design Philosophy. The new store would form the venue with the right vibe to accompany and promote Niloca Eyewear. We officially unveiled the store, near The Domain in late September. The store featured in a few editorial write-ups and we were feeling pretty good about ourselves.

Then early one Sunday morning I received ‘that phone call’. Like a parent fretting about their child out late, I knew this phone call would be inevitable. So it came to be, some low-life decided it to hurl a rock through our new shinny store window-front and run off with our computer. So at 3:40am Sunday morning I get the news. The gut wrenching feeling at 4am seeing the product of your heart and soul tainted mindlessly is enough to stop anyone daring to take a punt on following their passion.

But the ensuing 4 weeks of rebuild made us stronger. We’d like to thanks all those friends, family and strangers that helped us rebuild – especially so close to Christmas!!

To end on a good note.
We also passed 200 LIKES on FaceBook in the month of November, when Cricket also officially started!! Our core-market doesn’t use FB and we don’t actively promote on FB, so this was a nice end to an ordinary month.