Niloca featured in MiVision's magazine this month -

A nice little write up here by the Urban List, featuring the best sunnies for Summer -


A busy Melbourne Cup of a month has greeted us with perfectly timed weather to fool the hoards of invading tourists.

In an advertising campaign similar to Queensland, only in reverse - 'Beautiful One Day - Wet, Cold and Windy the next'. The Sun shone perfectly until the last horse had run for the race that stops a nation. For the rest of us, we enjoyed family BBQs with less than spray tanned friends in fields of lush green grass and trees.

Despite the weather the Niloca elves busied themselves with an order for 1988 Winter Olympic city fame - CALGARY. Also famous for the Jamacian Bobsled Team mun...


Brass Monocle is the latest eyewear boutique to embrace the range AND embrace they have with this glowing review. (it gave me goose bumps just reading it).

In the coming months we'll have more pieces and more stores.
Stay tuned.