Here it is again.
This year Niloca returned to MIDO where it all began back in 2013 when we officially launched our now famous 'Frame within a Frame' concept to the world. Commercially produced and professionally designed by an industrial designer (me) skilled in the art of facial ergonomics, to ensure fit and material science to ensure quality. Our original frame in a frame has inspired large design houses, 'faux-designers', independent designers, opticians, optometrists and marketeers worldwide. At the same time in 2013, Theo also released their amazing frame-in a frame concept, although different in execution to ours, it's agreed the design principle is exactly the same.
We're proud as punch to be known for this first along with Theo Eyewear and more importantly - it's great to know we inspired a whole design trend that continues today as collaborations, cheap imitations and some have even built their career on it.
Imitation is the best form of flattery. 

Enough self promotion.

MIDO 2016.
WHAT A SHOW - it's was non-stop for 4 days bridging February and March. This year I was flying solo presenting in a side-show alley arena known as "The Cage". This is an area where there is nowhere to hide. You're on display the whole day, 9am to 6pm - NO TOILET BREAKS..... 

Before MIDO – there was a short side trip to London as word had spread about our amazing frames. WATCH THIS SPACE!!

But even before London, there was another stop-over in Geneva to visit suppliers of fine materials and processes for our frames. Then onto London, then Austria, then MIDO. TimeZones – what timezones!!

Niloca was corralled in "The Cage” with younger, slimmer, faster start-ups, not something we're used to, but it was refreshing to see new designers trying to make their mark on the optical world. Styled as a neo-industrial zone, the bare walls, portioned divides, chain-link fence surround was a place where designers with no budget could present their wears to the world. In 2015 the first Design Lab was presented with some 16 stands, this year the area nearly doubled and the vibe was electrifying – a definite 'tip of the hat' to the organisers. Although the area was created for Independent Brands, a few well funded
brands snuck in, attempting to trade off the independent street kudos the Lab Academy brings with it.

Watch this space for more Italian accounts, I know you've all being begging me!! Soon, I promise!!

My favourite part of MIDO is MILAN.
This seriously is the new Paris of Europe, the fashion, the sites, the people – it’s all happening in Italy at the moment!! Every corner vendor and pop-up bar makes exquisite coffee. If there was ever going to be a national service in Australia, it should be a 12 months deployment in cultural culinary starting with how to make a coffee.

 After MIDO is always a special trip to Singapore to meet and greet the local conservative majority, but more importantly to support the overwhelming noise made by the younger more exciting generation of creatives,  – they’re just itching to try on Niloca frames!!!