Barely has the dust settled from Silmo and another big international eyewear show comes up on the iDar – industry talk for eyeDar or RADAR….

This time it’s Milan’s turn to shine and shine it did, with an impressive show, during an otherwise sombre season. There was a bevy of new talent in the much acclaimed new designers section called DESIGN LAB. This caged area was prefitted for 'up and coming' hopefuls to show their eye-wares. 

Big trends at the show were explored for a MiVision article I contributed to here
But to summarise, COMIC CARTOON and STRESSED METALLIC themes were the trends of the show, from those bold enough to venture there… which of course were only a few. Mainstream eyewear still rode the tailcoats of the hipster movement, now heading into industrial pre-stressed colours and textures, similar to something from Bunnings Warehouse – which is fine, if that’s your thing.

So what did Niloca do at this show. Truth be known, we sculked about the halls talking to people we know and those we don’t. We met clients in the Milanese cafes framed with views of the Duomo. We also missed a meeting with some new Ukraine friends - we'll catch you in Paris!!

All-in-all, the trip was a success with new clients and prototypes for Silmo 2015 getting our stamped approval. Materials were selected, colours chosen and not openly discussed!!