Post New York and a close to an intense international eyewear show sojourn. Not only did Niloca take the international stage by storm, it set itself up for a fantastic Paris show later in the year in September. But back at Niloca Eyewear HQ in sunny Melbourne the real work began with orders to be filled and new designs to be finalised.

On the return trip to Australia, a quick stop was made in LA to finally meet the inspirational Arnold from Custom Eyes. Arnold's work is solely focused on producing beautiful clip on sunglass pieces for optical wear. A perfect match for the beautiful Niloca frames.

The arrival at LAX wasn’t the best with Hertz forgetting to meet at the pick-up point. This was followed by the rental car booking being lost. All was eventually resolved when the keys to an AMG C63 was presented... YEP an AMG C63. If you’re not a car person, then you haven’t driven an AMG C63, although American’s drive on the wrong side of the road and sit on the wrong side off the car – all that was forgiven as the accelerator pedal was mashed into the ground on an open highway to La Jolla.

After the adrenalin had slowed to fast pulse, down from Cardiac Arrest, I paid a few visits to some interested stockists all over LA. More will be revealed later in the year. 

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Back in Australia, all hands were on deck for a new stockist in Canada. We've heard great things about these guys and they had finally received their stock.

Introducing the irrepressible Gaudet Optical, on the East Canadian Coast in picturesque Halifax, Nova Scotia. Gaudet Optical was founded by the larger than life Doug Gaudet and has been bringing excellent personalised expert service to Halifax since the 60's. He has more recently focused on unique high quality eyewear with character, choosing to find stock that reflects the confidence in his clientele. Since taking the bold step he has never looked back, with flocks, hoards and entire herds of people beating paths to his store.

Gaudet Store.jpg