Trish and her original 2012 Frame in Frame glasses.

Trish and her original 2012 Frame in Frame glasses.

Patricia Mason - A household name for many newly anointed households in Australia – because Patricia is the person behind the colours, behind the arrangements, behind the flowers infront of your wedding reception, birth, birthday and special celebrations. Patricia has been with Niloca from day dot – supporting us through the good the bad and the ugly – and never doubting us along the way. So it’s only fitting to ask her a few hard hitting flory eyewear questions.

But before I do that, let me introduce her amazing new store recently relocated from The Domain to Cremorne in Victoria, Australia. 

"After 15 year in a Domain Road South Yarra, last July we relocated to a big airy warehouse at 81 Green Street, Cremorne, Victoria, Australia 3121 where we have set up the Domain Flowers Studio. We now have a beautiful online shop and still take orders over the phone and by email as well as some of our old faithfuls coming into the studio. We do have a new phone number +613 9427 0306 but also have a diversion on our Domain Road one. After all those years in one spot it is a hard habit to break. We share the space with two gorgeous old Morgan cars, a mezzanine full of a life time of collecting (possibly could call it hoarding!) and we can spread out!"

If you could be any flower at any point of history, which one would you choose?
You know it is always a difficult thing to decide what is a favourite and driven entirely by what I love at the moment. The blue Hydrangea which goes in the hills and brought down to us is my special flower this month. The heads are huge and lush and the colour vibrant. That reminds me of one of my first pairs of Niloca glasses. I have them everywhere in my house at the moment.

A friend of mine once dated a girl who worked in a butcher, while I was seeing a girl working at a florist – needless to say we travelled in different cars. If you had to choose another more odorous profession, which would it be – Blood and Bone packing, Horse Poop sales or Amorphophallus Titanum curating?
OK. So you imagine this job to be all fragrant and lovely –think again! When some of the vases come back from our corporate clients after sitting in a non air conditioned office over the weekend I’m not sure it gets worse than that! I think that we could rival any other industry for smell, dirt and heavy work but then I guess we have the other side which is very rewarding.

iPhones and especially their photo albums, are a great way to see what makes a person tick, so please share your first, last and random image number 2527 in your iPhone?
I am no photographer which is very frustrating. I see all these beautiful things and think I’ll take a photo but sadly on a regular basis my thumb makes an appearance almost every time! My first photo on this phone is at a wedding where the bride wore a black tulle dress and the wedding was at a country property in the middle of nowhere (had potential for a very good photo) and my last was my “to do” list copied from the house diary.

Do you think the term Wall Flower is demeaning to Flowers or Walls, both or not at all? What flower would actually make the best wall flower in Melbourne?
I think wall flower conjures up all sorts of wonderful images and none of them bad. Just image a wall of fragrant roses, DIVINE. So you see both sides are winners.

Apart from living in the internationally voted most desirable city that is Melbourne Australia – where else could you see yourself setting up shop, excuse the pun?
It’s hard isn’t it as we are so lucky in Melbourne. I think I would have to find somewhere with lots of green space, great architecture and the inhabitants full of passion. Barcelona comes to mind.

There are some iconic polarising designs in history that create passion and stir debate, the classic SAAB Vs Citroen cars , Roses Vs Gardenia, Niloca Eyewear Vs Ray Ban  and computers – which one are you a fan of, Apple Mac, PC Windows or Linux?
I am a recent convert to Apple Mac. We installed Macs when we moved Domain Flowers to 81 Green Street and although I am still fighting them I love it. And, what would I do without my iphone 6 super size? That glorious large text- bliss.

Your job is very creative and involves a lot of problem solving on the fly, from picking seasonal flowers to managing the expectations forgetful husbands rushing in urgent orders for anniversary flowers (so a friend tells me) – so to recharge your batteries are you a Morning, Evening or Siesta type person?
I am a morning person absolutely. I get up at 5.30 am and exercise. Usually a run around the Tan or a cardio workout at our local oval. I also walk to work and keep challenging myself to find a quicker way. I have just invested in a smart new backpack which I figure will cut a further 1 to 2 minutes from the trip! I love the smells, the light and the sights you see early in the morning.

Recently Tesla has rolled out an autonomous car, capable of carting passengers all over the countryside, like the Leyland brothers. If you had a Robot that could do one daily task, which would it be?
A robot. I think I need one which takes instruction and will do what is required at the time. Maybe a robot driver who can drive me to wherever and I never need to find a park or worse still the coins for the meters. 

To see more amazing arrangements from Domain Flowers, click this link, they're also on Instagram.