In 1953 The Four Lads of Canada belted out a swinging tune, Istanbul not Constantinople, a stroke of comic genius rooted in geopolital tensions of 1930. And more than half a century on, it’s referred to in Arts History degrees world wide!! Fascinating, I hear you say -  and how does this tid-bit of information relate to Niloca Eyewear, I hear you ask?

Well New Amsterdam now features as our latest stockist – or currently referred to as New York, New York as the blue eyed one like to sing it.

So if this little town of New York wasn’t already popular due to The Four Lads, or Frank Sinatra – then it surely would be now as it gets placed squarely on the map as a stockist of Niloca Eyewear. We’re in discussion now with Johnny Farnham and ..Atken and waterman to create a new POP tune than captures this historical event. No doubt my childrens’ chidren will be reciting passages from social media about this event.

Where in New York is this?