Exciting times in the office, with new materials from Japan arriving for our 2016 collection. Can’t give too much away, but think satellites and you’ll have a good idea of what we’re not doing…..
Other big new includes the designs for a big secret project have nearly been signed off – just waiting for a building surveyor's approval.

Earlier in the year I had the great pleasure of wearing short shorts on a short flight to Australia's national capital, from Australia's design capital. How would the two capitals meet? Having heard many a kind word about the potential lion's den I was walking into, the meeting could go either kitty katty kitten pat n pur, or perhaps grrrr rrrroar tear limb from torso.

Putting behind me the pleasure of flying the RED EYE flight only the day before from Sunny Sunny Perth, I opted for the disarming approach. I confidently strode out of Canberra's airport in short shorts. Only to be greeted by a pair of exquisitely dressed models - I thought to myself WOW! This is really nice, the clients have sent over some gorgeous models to meet me at the airport!!

On approaching their equally nice vehicle, I instantly became conscious of my short short linen shorts and shirt. 


They say the measure of Virtue is having the Wisdom when to use Experience. I think it's fair to say both this characteristic was applied with perfect demur right about now.

As it turns out, the 2 greeting figures, brimming with Wisdom, Virtue and Experience where infact Mr and Mrs Stockist!!! Anthony chimed in first admitting he wanted to wear shorts also!! phew - this isn't going to be a feeding to the lions after all!! 

Pictures of Eye Candy Optical.

Check out the hidden details of frames embedded into the rendered concrete floor, over 60 frames have been scattered throughout the store.