Long nights and long days were the theme for July. The ominous task ahead was unfathomable, but we must keep our lips sealed until the surprise is ready in September. This is definitely one of those situations where I've bitten off more than I could ever chew. Not one to be easily intimidated though - so onward and upward.

During July, Niloca Eyewear was featured on the front page of a Canberra based fashion magazine, BIG INK. The frame featured is Flauna in Reds Red.

What can we say, the camera loves us!!

.... and while we're at it, another fashion magazine, this time based in Canada took a shining to us.

The lovely people at Bruce Eyewear helped out by supplying stock and the editors chose Niloca Eyewear to grace the cover of Fsh UnlimitedThis time featuring Glita.

In other news Niloca Eyewear is a starter for Silmo 2014 in Paris. This is the worlds premiere fashion and eyewear show attracting the most international guests for any show in the world. It's also in Paris making the 30hr trip over to Europe more worthwhile!! 

July saw the opening of our first South American stockist - although technically known as an unincorporated territory of the United States, we welcome Optiqus Vision in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico - we learn something new everyday. We would be lying if we said we knew alot about Puerto Rico, apart from the amazing beaches, baseball and colonial architecture - we're at a loss to know more about this little gem of an island in the Caribbean Sea. I guess we'll have to visit some day soon to better understand the culture and their eyewear needs. For now though, we'll be quietly chuffed knowing our eyewear is being enjoyed on the other side of the world in an amazing new store.