BANG what a year 2015 was to survive and what a year ahead. While big bankers and politicians meddle on international markets of ego, the artisans and passionate leaders of style continue their soujourn seeking more inspiring eyewear. Never before has the same old, same old being so saturated in the optical markets. Same old designs, cheaper and cheaper prices with more scantly clad models - the formula hasn't changed since Mad Men days. 

So in January we opened 2 new stockists in California USA in January. We're tickled pink and blue with the new addition to our international stockist set. Presenting GoGosha in Beverly Hills and Rims & Goggles of San Fransisco Mill Valley. Both of these stockists are considered captains of industry within the international eyewear scene. They both skilfully mesh style and medical requirements into gorgeous eyewear. These are the stores that seek new designs and designers, rather than wait for goodness to drop in their lap, these guys, like all Niloca stockists - go out there and explore. So we're very grateful and humbled that they chose us - we don't have the budge to match other privately funded independant brands, so it means the connection is something special and respectful both ways - how independent business should be.