Following on from the November theme: “If it’s not trying to kill us…" In January we were official given word from what was whispered about corridors and aisles of THE Silmo International eyewear show.

So if it's not trying to kill us, it's trying to imitate us.

And I guess it's the best form of flattery...right?? 

The Original Frame within a Frame from 2012.

The Original Frame within a Frame from 2012.

A few respected eyewear bloggers and journalists contacted me regarding imitation eyewear in 2014. It was regarding an idea we first coined in 2012. Initially we dismissed these comments as 'gossip', assuming it was something from a cheap labor country. 

The phrase was "Frame within a Frame". It wasn't until Mido 2013 that we officially released the creative as part of our Covert Collection. And to our surprise there was also another designer who released almost the exact idea. We had unknowingly developed almost identical eyewear designs at the same time - executed slightly differently - but none the less "frame within a frame". The other eyewear company, was the much respected and grandfather of Avante-Garde eyewear - Theo Eyewear from Belgium. SNAP, we've been best friends ever since!

2014 release of the Original Frame within a Frame. Model : Gertie.

2014 release of the Original Frame within a Frame. Model : Gertie.

To-date we've been made aware of 2 independent designers and 1 multi-national copying our original idea. The fact our inspiration is used by an American and a German independent brand is very flattering, even the multi-national is based in Italy. These are traditionally very creative countries. So it's great to know as I type this blog, still wearing pajamas, drinking a 'magic latte' from the local coffee shop and wiping croissant crumbs of the keyboard, that on the otherside of the world - someone, somewhere is inspired by our designs. All this while I work from home, 7-days a week, while also caring for my 2 children. 

Our little family run business, built on integrity and fun, is the seed of great ideas for others!! AWESOME.

So I guess all I can say is Thank You.

Thank you, for confirming our idea.
We were terrified about releasing the concept.
After-all, our family's livelihood was riding on this being a success.
We invested heavily in development, getting the design just right, all the experts said we were crazy - why not make something more like Ray Ban they said...

So on the precipice we stood, staring into the dark, foggy void of the unknown - we jumped, we lit the way for others to follow and land safely.

2015 year of the Goat - traditionally a modest, yet detail and quality orientated character.
This has Niloca Eyewear written all over it!

And lastly as I wrap up this short post. I leave this music video by an Australian hip-hop group based in Adelaide, Hilltop Hoods - the home of fine wine and food. You may not be a hip-hop fan, you may not appreciate swearing in music, you may not even like their sunglasses! But their chorus strikes a chord with us;
'I feel like Bobby Fischer, always for steps ahead"
Mr Fischer features on our office walls, along side Capablanca and Kasparov in an Escheresque poster - they are iconic Chess greats. Their greatest strength, being able to stay ahead their competitors.