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HAPPY 2014
As promised a photo of the latest Niloca family member, our beautiful crimson crested little man named Caspian - no prizes for guessing the model names for the next collection!!

In January while parts of the Northern Hemisphere were suffering Polar Vortexes, the Southern Hemisphere sweltered in baking condition. All the while NEW Niloca frames traversed continents with 3 new stores taking delivery of Niloca eyewear, with some countries harder to enter than others.... Perhaps our glasses are too stylish for some?? The latest collection comes from a quaint village at the foot of the Swiss Alps - called Scratched Core, the collection is for the smaller capped people walking amongst us. Small on details, big on character, more photos in March.

Welcome aboard the Niloca Family Train: Eye Spy Optical, Bruce Eyewear and Hoet (yes that Hoet!!)

Eye Spy Optical.jpg

We first met Eye Spy in MIDO 2013, thankfully the lovely store owner Alissa wasn't phased by our very modest stand, she especially didn't mind the fact we had to 'borrow' flooring from a neighbours booth - yes we forgot to pay for flooring... you don't pay extra for it in hotel... so why at an expo?? Fortunately Alissa saw the details behind the raw veneer and we started the long distance email dating routine, agreeing to touch base again at Paris, Silmo. Now in January Eye Spy represents our Chicago fan base and this lovely blog captures what we're about perfectly.

Bruce Eyewear.jpg

Next carriage in the Niloca Family Train is Bruce Eyewear, based in Vancouver Canada, it was love at first sight as we sat down to a collection viewing under a bright Parisian Sun. Store owner Nada sipped a bottle of chilled Evian, while quietly enjoying our new collection. The delivery of Niloca stock coincided perfectly with Nada's second store, aptly named Bruce Eyewear Too.

HOET Silmo 2013.jpg

And lastly for January was Hoet and their flagship store of Europe - no wait  - The World. To say we're delighted to be in this store would be the understatement of the year and we should probably take up a career in politics with lies like that. We're positively ecstatic, excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. To mark the occasion Flora put on her best glasses from her extensive glasses collection.

HOET Silmo 2013.jpg