... and February has 28 days, except on a leap year..

Despite it being the shortest month on the calendar, February was jam packed like a public school/hospital with Niloca traversing the Australian continent on cloud of Red-Eye euphoria. But it wasn't fruitless, with 2 Optometrists now stocking Niloca in Sunny Sunny Perth and a new Optometrist in the Nation's Capital, Canberra.

It's been a long time coming for Perth and Canberra - with frequent sightings of Perthonians on Melbourne streets seeking out Niloca stockists, they travel in packs seeking something with character. It was tough convincing the Perth Establishment though. But now Niloca is available locally and will probably go viral. (again like a Flu in a packed public school/hospital...)

So without further delay please welcome to the family Inglewood OptometristsClaremont Optical and Langley Pino Eyecare.


For those that don't know Inglewood Optometrists, in Inglewood, is a hidden gem just East of Perth. A funky well appointed practice with personal attention from very experienced attentive staff. If you're on the East side, I highly recommending the journey just over the hill, even if you're on a lunch break, it's a 5min drive with ample parking.

These guys were previously in Perth Central, but their increasing rent didn't allow them to buy the stock they really wanted. So they took a punt and opened up a little further out - and can now stock a MASSIVE collection of frames with a PASSION.

On the West side of Perth, near the famous Cottesloe beach, in picturesque surrounds is Claremont Optical, a relatively new kid on the block stocking a broad collection of frames for all kinds of faces. An entirely different clientele and shop fit out to Inglewood - so it was great to see Niloca could adapt to these 2 polar opposites. The friendly smiling staff of Claremont Optical go the extra mile to look after you, so if you're coming back from a swim at the beach or off to lunch in a nearby restaurant, stop in for a quick look.

Claremont Optical.jpg
Pino Langley.jpg

Canberra, the head of the nation - and perhaps a place we should have visited first. And not just to witness first hand the amazing airport - which was just a shed not 8 years ago. Looking at the website of Langley Pino Eyecare, I wasn't sure what to expect in Canberra, as they don't give much away on their website. So with the humid muggy conditions, it was decided an informal approach to an otherwise stuffy city would reveal their true character.
Sporting linen shorts and on exiting the airport, the shorts were quickly envied by Mr Pino himself. Apologies for the only visual reference to the store being their logo, as the new store is yet to open, but when it does, Niloca will be front and center. 

AND if that wasn't enough for February, MIDO in Milan was calling, so off we went... more soon.