Other than Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the big releases in December were new Niloca stockists. The first in Perth, Australia, introducing August Eyewear. 

Even though Perth is officially the most isolated major capital city in the world, you would never guess, with more cafe's than street corners and sunshine to boot. It was with much enthusiasm I visited their boutique store in the center of Perth.

AUGUST /adjective/: respected and impressive.

August Eyewear.jpg

The perfect pairing for Niloca Eyewear as we welcome our latest stockist in sunny Perth Australia - AUGUST EYEWEAR

Where others talk the talk and try to walk the walk, August Eyewear breath it, wear it, live it and love it. Like a Prosecco spritz on a summer afternoon, you'll come back for more!! Their passion for eyewear is all encompassing, from the moment you step foot in their store - the huge welcoming doorway, to the minimalist fit-out and decor, this is a place where only those who care will dare.

Located in central Perth, this unique eyewear is worth a visit.