Christmas and even New Years has come and gone in what seemed like a flash. Well it was for us at least, as we received an extra special gift in December with the birth of our son, Caspian. We're pleased to say that both Mum and the crimson crested Caspian are doing well enjoying each other's time, whether it's day or night.... Some photos of Caspian will be posted shortly.

In December the Niloca family expanded with stockists too.

124 S 19th St. Philadelphia (215) 557 0757

124 S 19th St. Philadelphia (215) 557 0757

EYEsite, in Philadelphia, is an amazing store with passionate owners and staff. We are honoured to be a part of EYEsite's collection, in a city steeped with America's constitutional history. Not to mention Philadelphia's famous CHEESESTEAK and SOFT PRETZEL taste bud delights.

The story with EYEsite started in early 2013, when we received an email enquiring into our range. What ensued was a akin to an internet dating relationship, as we got to know one another throughout the year. Then in September we agreed to meet in Paris - what could be more romantic??!! Needless to say it was love at first site and EYEsite holds a special place in our heart as the first store in the US to officially stock the entire Niloca range.

So whether you're admiring the largest public art display in the US or just trying the cheesesteak - stop in at EYEsite.

Also in December we stocked our latest shop in Europe, this time, in France and the historical town of Le Mans, now famous for 2 things. The LeMans 24hr and Niloca. If you're west of Paris in June and heading to Circuit de la Sarthe, then make sure you stop in at Optique Morel on 6 place Roosevelt, in the town center and say hello to Benjamin.


Springing again from an internet relationship, though this time it didn't manifest to our knowledge until a face to face meeting in Paris. Some people might call this stalking, we call it admiration.

During the meeting our secret admirers politely nodded as we fumbled our way through Francophile interests in French. And we were ever so thankful their English was better than our French.  

We wish both our new stockists the very best for 2014 with Niloca Eyewear.