Samples samples samples, like a Summertime DJ onstage mixing and queuing musical designs for your auditory delight, designing glasses is parallel. Although not as spontaneous, it delivers none the less, but in a more measured tempered release – often 2 years after the first idea is born. But somehow the idea is still fresh and perches on the cusp of new in fashion, technology and design. Where drop beats, loops and rhythms are replaced with size, shape, colour and depth – we as designers respond to what we see and hear around us.

And August is the month of reckoning.

While big fashion houses orchestrate armies of professionals, analysing every aspect of eyewear from the cost of a screw, to sales merchandise, to coordinating fashion shoots – us small family run independent brands call in favours from the 3Fs, friends, family and the fabulous. They might help with packing, cleaning glasses, or even freight forwarders to ensure safe travel of stock to Paris – they all contribute to the final product. A product created long ago, because the traditional eyewear industry is notoriously slow. Much to my delight and in aiding more solid sleeping nights, the new designs didn't arrive in August, but will probably roll out a day before our biggest annual show in Paris!!

Best laid plans and all that.
Fingers crossed.