Our big secret project can now be revealed.

We're opening a flagship Niloca store in Melbourne, called Scoogle Optometrist.

The shopping capital of Australia, Melbourne, has it's fair share of eyewear, fashion and shoe stores. Scoogle will be another reason for design hunters to seek Melbourne's secrets. Keeping it all in the family, my wife Josie will be running to store called Scoogle Optometrist, which will feature the entire range of Niloca Eyewear  from the early, early collection to the current stock. So if you’re in Melbourne, come pay us a visit. The shop is named after my wife's 500 year old Scottish family name.

It's been a long 5 weeks of solid construction from 7am to 1am, with more than 5 months of design and documentation leading up to the construction. But as all best laid plans go, there were a few alterations along the way - but not nearly as bad as the 1999 movie train wreck of the same title starring a young Reece Witherspoon. 

Below are a selection of images captured during the construction from the hollow shell, CAD models to late nights fueled by chocolate using an array of tools. The counter and cabinetry are made from reclaimed Australian hardwood, sourced from the demolished Smorgan's Small Goods Factory.