This year we're introducing a new Blog segment, to compliment our monthly eyewear adventures. It will be called "Meet the People behind the Frames" (until that is, we come up with a more catchy title). The idea came about after a road trip with family and friends to Paris for the annual international eyewear trade show. Along the way in airport lounges we serendipitously bumped into a few Niloca wearers, who inturn, bumped into each other and got on like a house on fire. It was like being part of a secret society, where the hand shake is replaced with a tap of the glasses.
During a stopover, it got us thinking about all these interesting characters wearing our eyewear. Wouldn't it be great to bring them together online, as they have so much in common, apart from our eyewear.
So here we have it, a monthly sharing of a Niloca fan's professional and eyewear passion.

Mirta wearing her Gertie frame.

Mirta wearing her Gertie frame.

0001: Introducing International Artist, Mirta Kupfermic of Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Mirta is Niloca Eyewear's most die hard fan. She waited months to receive her frames after spying them online, as we don't have a stockist in Argentina and the postage rate was excessive. However we do have a stockist in New York and there she was able to add Niloca to her eyewear collection - this was after having her husband pick up a pair from Niloca HQ in Melbourne!! He happened to be in town for the World AIDS conference in 2014, as he is the director of an NGO combatting AIDS. 
I told you she was a die hard fan!!

Mirta is a multidisciplinary Argentine visual artist, lecturer and business woman. Her artistic work can be found in international Museums and private collections around the world. Her work has featured at exhibitions in Buenos Aires, París, Berlin, Madrid, Israel, London, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and Washington to name but a few.

Mirta is the Argentine Director of LABA- BA, who works together with LABA in New York and is also a part of the international curatorial team of OTT –Citizens Of The Text-

To get to know Mirta better, (as I still haven't met her) I asked about her Social Media preference, as it was through Social Media she was introduced to Niloca Eyewear;

I prefer Facebook, I use it mainly professionally, but not to show personal family photos. I like Facebook because it is a very democratic means of communication, everyone can make publicity in that platform.  It allows me to show what I am doing at the moment and also keep updated of what is going on. 

It was through Facebook that i first contacted Niloca. I also use Fb to see in advance the face of a person whom i am going to meet or interview, and i can also know something else about that person through what he/she posts.

Turtles caught on iPhone at Mirta's Studio.

Turtles caught on iPhone at Mirta's Studio.

What is the last photo on your iPhone/phone?   

I am laughing……i took a photo of my mom wearing one of my crazy frames. I am an eyewear collector and i love crazy colourful frames. I wanted to give fun to her spirit wearing my glasses.

I also love turtles. I have 8 alive in my studio. 

Are you a morning or late-night person? Which do you prefer and why – is it Social or Creative? 

I am a very energetic and work-oholic person. I wake up very early and finish very late. I am in my studio all day long. My studio is my kingdom, but at night, at home, i continue also thinking on my projects. I am a non-stop woman.

If you had a time machine, which historical events would you travel to? Which 3 people would you invite for dinner?

It is not easy to choose where i would travel in time, because usually historic events, when they are a celebration, come after a horrific event. A time which i would try to avoid living. 
But i would choose to travel to the universal exposition of Paris in 1889, where the Eiffel Tower was shown for the first time.
I would like to invite for a dinner: Isaac Newton, Hannah Arendt, and Samantha (the character of the series “bewitched” and if you ask me what would i offer them for dinner… i would prepare a wonderful apple recipe, made with the help of Samantha´s magic power, and if anything is not good enough; i am sure that Hannah would help me to explain the reasons. 

Niloca Eyewear prides itself with a very polarising collection of original designs, there isn't a middle ground, you either love them or hate them. You obviously love them, but what brought you to the brand? 

The famous meet, Clockwork Phi and Mirta.

The famous meet, Clockwork Phi and Mirta.

I found Niloca Eyewear surfing on the internet. When I saw these frames I fell immediately in love with the energy of these frames.  Niloca is a prefect explanation of who I am.
We walk in this world without seeing our own face, but, when I wear this kind of glasses,  I see on the rest of the people´s face, the way they perceive me.
When I am wearing Niloca, people realize very easily who I am:  sense of humor, good quality in my choices, and also that I am not shy and very sure of where I am standing in this world. When I enter in a place, I usually get a friendly smile at reception, and I think that Niloca is a “friendly smile”

What is your biggest secret in life? I will not tell you!!!!!!!

Lastly, it’s Summer holiday time in Australia, where was your best holiday destination?

I travel a lot, but usually mixed with work, exhibitions, etc. But i will choose now when i went with my husband to Taiwan, when i won in the biennial, or our trip to Ecuador; or with my husband and little boys (many years ago) to Israel and the south of Spain.

To discover more about Mirta follow this link -